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Saturday 19th August 2006

York Watergate, Victoria Embankment Credit: Chris James
York Watergate, Victoria Embankment

Water for Health, Wealth and Pleasure!

A summer cycle exploring the impact that water has had on the development of London.

Chris James led this, his first ride, and provided 23 followers with an extremely interesting day, starting at the Oval fountains and ending at the coolest rooms in the city, outside the Hayward Gallery.

We visited drinking fountains and cattle troughs, learnt about the massive sewage pipe which has resulted in the Victoria Embankment and were reminded again about the great early engineering feats which resulted in the New River being built in 1609, to bring water to London from Hertfordshire without pumps.

Meeting up for another great ride! Credit: Janet Paske
Meeting up for another great ride! (photo Janet Paske)

We visited lots more places and monuments which I don’t have space to mention. If anyone wants the ride notes then please contact us.

Thanks to Chris for the time and effort he spent putting together such an enjoyable and rewarding ride.