Gearing up for European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week will be taking place from 16th to 22nd September this year, with cities across Europe celebrating forms of sustainable mobility. Friday 22nd September will be the annual International Car Free Day and in London, Monday 18th September will be a ‘Day of Cycling’, promoted by Good Going. 

What is European Mobility Week?

European Mobility Week was launched in 2002 as an extension to the In Town, Without My Car! Campaign. The objective is to spread awareness and encourage debate on the necessity for changes in urban travel patterns, and in particular to lower private car use in order to reduce traffic congestion, transport-related pollution and greenhouse gases, while improving the health and quality of life of European citizens.

This year's theme

Each year the week has a theme and the central theme for 2006 will be Climate Change, currently one of the main topics of European environmental and energy policies. After 2005 was named the ‘Year of Disasters’ by the World Meteorological Organisation, European Mobility Week will be a big step towards helping people recognise the need for action.

Get involved

There’ll be events taking place all over London throughout the week, including a lunchtime cycle ride through Bushy Park on Friday 15th September, a Cyclists Breakfast for commuting cyclists in Islington on Monday 18th September and Dr Bikes across the city so your bike’s in top condition to make the most of the streets on Car-Free Day on Friday 22nd September.