George Galloway becomes sixth candidate to back Sign for Cycling campaign

George Galloway, the Respect Party’s candidate for Mayor of London today became the sixth Mayoral candidate to give his commitment to the three-point agenda of LCC’s Sign for Cycling Campaign.

In a statement given to LCC today, Galloway said:

"I am committed to achieving the three-point agenda of the Sign for Cycling campaign, which I believe are all highly commendable. I will make sure the agenda is pursued on the basis of proper consultation - for instance, mini Hollands must be meaningfully negotiated  with local stakeholders;  and I would take additional action – for example, I believe our daytime ban on trucks will make a big difference. As per my policy, all trucks would be banned from London in the daylight hours so they would have to deliver during the night.

There's no doubt that funding for cycling is a paramount issue, not least with regards to safety. Going past Whitechapel recently, I have seen that they have introduced cycling lanes to this exact end. There's been a £100m cut by 2020 in cycling funding. London is expected to spend £166m on cycling in 2017/2018 and £124m in 2018/19 and just £31m in 2021/22 but arguably this figure could and should be at least £200m a year."

In response, London Cycling Campaign’s CEO Ashok Sinha said:

“London Cycling Campaign is delighted that Respect candidate for Mayor of London, George Galloway, has committed to achieving the three-point agenda of our Sign for Cycling campaign if elected as Mayor, and stated how he will make it safer for Londoners to cycle if elected.

“Mr Galloway’s support for Sign for Cycling now just leaves the UKIP candidate, Peter Whittle, as the only one of the major candidates who hasn’t yet given his support.

George Galloway joins, Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Sian Berry (Green), Sadiq Khan (Labour), Caroline Pidgeon (LibDem), and Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party) in giving his commitment to LCC’s three-point Sign for Cycling agenda. 

Mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan, Zac Goldsmith, Caroline Pidgeon, Sian Berry, Sophie Walker, Peter Whittle (UKIP) and George Galloway (Respect) will debate cycling and other transport issues at a hustings jointly being held by the London Cycling Campaign and The Times on the morning of Friday 29th April. The hustings can be followed at #AskLondonMayor and #Signforcycling

Sign for Cycling Three Point Agenda:

Sign for Cycling (   is LCC’s campaign calling on the London Mayoral candidates to make cycling safer for everyone. Candidates are asked to commit to the following three point agenda, if elected:

  1. Trebling the total length of protected space for cycling on London’s streets (as compared to the total length expected to be installed under the Vision for Cycling by, or soon after, the current Mayor leaves office).*
  2. Initiating a programme to extend Mini-Holland style schemes to every London borough.
  3. Using the Safer Lorries Scheme - plus all mayoral powers in relation to procurement, planning and regulation – to move as quickly as possible to a situation where “direct vision” lorries are the norm on London’s streets.

*A trebling of the Superhighways would be achievable if the rate of delivery seen in the last two years under the Vision for Cycling were maintained over the next mayoral term.