Get a CleanSpace Tag and help build a street-by-street air pollution map of London

LCC members are invited to register for free CleanSpace tags to help map London''s polluted air and find how good or bad the air quality is on your own journeys. Read on to find out more! 

When it comes to toxic air quality, cyclists are on the front line as victims. From travelling behind cars and breathing their noxious exhaust fumes, to inhaling the carbon and dust that gets tossed into the air from their wheels, the air you breathe on your ride can leave you feeling far from healthy. The trouble with air pollution is that it’s usually invisible. However according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), outdoor air pollution contributes to around 40,000 deaths a year in the UK alone. This needs to change. Find out more about London's toxic air in our recent blog here.

To help us better understand the air we breathe, the team at tech company Drayson Technologies, have launched the Map London initiative and are inviting LCC members to help create a hyper-local picture of London’s air pollution to a level of detail never been seen before.

Map London

The Map London initiative is equipping groups and individuals with air pollution smart sensors, called CleanSpace Tags, to help build the first street-by-street air pollution data map of the city.  Your challenge is simple: just carry a CleanSpace Tag, which is about the size of an iPhone and the weight of a chocolate bar, around with you on your day to day travels and use it to monitor your personal exposure to air pollution. 

It’s not just for your journeys - the Tag works both indoors and out, so you’ll be able to track the air quality around you throughout the day to give you a complete, real-time view of the air. 


The Tag syncs with the CleanSpace App, available on both iOS and Android, from which you can check the pollution you encounter through an Air Graph. It also features an Air Map which gives you a mapped view of real-time air quality so that you can plan your journeys along routes with cleaner air. Once you’ve completed a ride you can use the journey tracker function of the App to see where you were most exposed to pollution. 


Every person who carries a CleanSpace Tag will be able to see the air they breathe and be part of the network that lets us see London’s lungs. We will be the first city in the world to pull together in this way, generating intelligence for government, City Hall, councils, transport networks and business; all of us making a change together.

So, from your commutes to training routes, school runs to weekend cycles, this is your chance to not only guide yourselves, your friends and family to cleaner air routes, but also take part in building a granular map of the air we’re all breathing, here and now. Join us and help everybody see the air they breathe.

Register for a tag

If you would like to be part of the Map London campaign and be equipped with a free CleanSpace Tag, register here. 

Please Note: The CleanSpace iOS app is supported on iOS 8 or later (We recommend using iPhone 5S or later) Android devices running at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) and where the device has Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope capabilities. 


LCC is a member of the Healthy Air Campaign (a coalition of health, environment and transport organisations co-ordinated by Client Earth). You can read our response to the Mayor's latest consultation on air pollution, and what needs to be done to tackle London's deadly air here.


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