Get Britain Cycling cross party parliamentary enquiry - LCC submission

An Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group aims to enable more people across the UK to take up cycling, cycle more often and cycle more safely.

A select committee style inquiry, made up of a cross-party group of Parliamentarians is looking at a comprehensive range of issues affecting the numbers of people cycling in the UK, producing a report based on the written and oral evidence received.

We have made our own submission emphazising our believe that political will, within Government and within Local Authorities, is the single most important fundamental and overarching factor that will deliver improved conditions for cycling in the UK, and unlock the huge latent demand there is for cycling as an everyday means of transport. That political will needs to be reflected in a clear national cycling strategy, backed by adequate resources and funding, which lead to its implementation at local level throughout the country.

To see our complete submission, please click here.