Getting started with our help

Getting in touch with your local borough group is a great way to get free advice on accessories, route-planning, and to join in beginner-friendly rides.

You can also contact our staff by phone or email, or join us for drinks to find out more about getting started on a bike.

Free or subsidised cycle training

Cycle training is a great way to build up your skill and confidence on London's roads.

All borough councils provide free or subsidised cycling training, and you're entitled to lessons in any borough where you live, work or study.

If you're eligible in more than one borough, call each council to see which is most helpful or cheapest.

Find out more here.

London Cycling Maps

The free London cycle maps are really useful for beginners too (order them here).

Sticking to the coloured cycle routes helps you avoid busy roads, and find cycle lanes and traffic-free paths.

Although, the maps are now distributed by Transport for London, they were originally developed using our expert knowledge.