Gift Aid your membership today and give £9 to LCC for FREE

Many of you might be aware of the term ‘Gift Aid’, but don’t actually know what it means and, more importantly, how much this simple act is worth to a charity like London Cycling Campaign. For less than a minute of your time you could be adding 25% more value to your membership for free.

Every £1 that you give to London Cycling Campaign through membership or other donations could be worth £1.25; for an individual LCC member that’s the equivalent of an extra £9 and all for the sake of signing a Gift Aid declaration that takes less time to fill out than making a cup of tea, and if you’re anything like us we know you do that more than once a day!

Gift Aid increases the value of money that is given to charities (that’s us!) by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on donations. The scheme applies to money received from any UK taxpayer, and what’s more once you have completed the declaration, it applies not only to future membership subscriptions, but those since April 2011, and any other donations made in the past four years too.

Making the Gift Aid declaration really couldn’t be easier, just visit this page if you’re a UK taxpayer, tick the box and input your name and contact details. That really is all we’re asking from you. 

£9 (or more) will be awarded to LCC and will go another step towards our campaigns like Space for Cycling.

We appreciate and value your support, and sincerely hope that you’ll join all the other LCC members who have already signed the declaration, helping to raise extra funds and give us an even louder voice on your behalf.

If you’d like to read more about Gift Aid, please visit HM Revenue & Customs website