GIRO Savant, £59.99,

The mid-priced Savant inherits pedigree DNA in both looks and technical construction from Giro’s £100+ siblings. The helmet is sleek, slim and stylish, a long way from the blob helmets of yore. The ‘in mould’ construction, where outer shell and foam are fused as one, makes the helmet very light yet strong. The additional upside is that this also allows the helmet to have more vents, a whopping 25 in this case which equates to extra coolness, especially on longer rides. Its lightness and unobtrusive padding provides an instantly comfortable fit. For extra security the Roc Loc 5 brim band, which can be easily adjusted to suit individual head shapes, keeps the helmet snuggly in place. MM

PROS top features at low cost
CONS bit racy for some