Give a Beep campaign in full swing!

Last week, Hövding, with LCC's backing launched the 'Give a Beep' campaign to help make London a cycle-friendly city. A brand new initiative; using 'Flic' buttons as a modern cycle bell, cyclists in London are now able to press this when they feel nervous, unsafe or frustrated while cycling in London. Each 'beep' registers a location on a map of London and triggers an email to the Mayor of London, asking him to urgently deliver on his promise to make London safe and enjoyable for cycling. Over 2,000 'beeps' have been made, triggering the same number of emails to the Mayor's Office.

500 Flic buttons have been distributed to LCC members and supporters (with hundreds more requests for buttons we couldn't fulfil sadly), and we're already seeing some hugely interesting results on the Give a Beep map.

Most notably, the North-South and East-West-Cycle Superhighways, along with Cycle Superhighway 5 over Vauxhall Bridge and the new tracks near Oval station have virtually no beeps at all; a testament to how safe people feel when riding the highest-quality, segregated cycle routes, compared to London streets that don't have safe space for cycling. We're already seeing notorious streets and junctions with plenty of beeps, only a few weeks into the campaign. For example, the ‘Clerkenwell Boulevard’ running from Old Street in the east along Clerkenwell Road, Theobold's Road, New Oxford Street and to Oxford Street in the west), the route of CS1 through Hackney, Whitehall, Abingdon Street, Waterloo Road, Uxbridge Road, Brixton Road are all currently visibly attracting lots of ‘beeps’.

Today, LCC's CEO, Dr Ashok Sinha, together with Hövding's CEO, Fredrik Carling have written an Open Letter to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London to highlight the initial findings from the Give a Beep campaign so far.


LCC will be monitoring the interactive map closely over the next few weeks and we hope the ‘Give a Beep’ campaign serves as an encouragement for the Mayor to continue the good work of his predecessor, by moving forward at pace with cycling programmes. As this initiative shows, when done well, high quality cycling infrastructure really does work to ensure people of all ages and abilities can cycle safely and enjoyable in London.

London urgently needs more safe space for cycling and as a proud supporter of LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign, Sadiq Khan has shown that he knows how to make London a safer city for cycling: more segregated Cycle Superhighways and treatment for our most dangerous junctions; investment in local town centres and high streets to make them cycle-friendly; as well as an end to lorry danger by ensuring only the safest lorries are used on our streets.