Give a *beep* about safe cycling

London Cycling Campaign are supporting Hövding, (the Swedish company who designed and developed the air bag helmet), to launch the 'Give a Beep' campaign, designed to put pressure on the new Mayor to keep his 'Sign for Cycling' commitments to make London safe and enjoyable for cycling.

Hövding, together with LCC want to ensure that cycle safety is a priority for London's new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, by asking cyclists in London to show him how much some of the most dangerous streets and junctions affect them on their day-to-day journeys.

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Join the campaign and 'Give a Beep'!

We're inviting people who cycle regularly in London to collect a free 'Flic' button to 'beep' when they're cycling and feel at risk; whether from high traffic speeds or volume, or a poorly designed road layout. In fact, anything else that make them feel dangerous whilst cycling. Find out how to collect your button below.

Each 'beep' will trigger an email to the Mayors Office reminding him of his commitments to deliver LCC's three-point Sign for Cycling agenda as well as log the location of the 'beep' on an interactive map. This map will be used to highlight to the Mayor, the specific streets, junctions or areas where cyclists feel most at risk while riding in London. 

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How to get a 'Flic' button

Flic button

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To quality for a button, you need to:

  • Cycle in London regularly
  • Own a smartphone and be able to download a special app to connect the button with for it to work
  • Commit to use the button while you cycle and 'beep' when you feel uncomfortable, in danger, or at risk.

How to use your Flic button

  1. Get the app via
  2. Connect your button with the app
  3. Add the action 'Give a beep!'
  4. Put the button on your handlebars or somewhere else accessible
  5. Hope on your bike and press the button when you feel unsafe, nervous or frustrated in London traffic

Watch the instruction film here

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More information

Hövding wants to help turn London into a cycle-friendly city with their 'Give a Beep' campaign. By distributing the digital 'Flic' buttons, they want cyclists in London to 'give a beep' and show the Mayor of London that our streets are in great need of improvement to make them safe and enjoyable for cycling. Hövding want to remind the Mayor that he has committed to deliver LCC's three-point agenda to:

  1. Create more safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctions
  2. Create ‘Mini-Hollands‘ - cycle friendly town centres - in every borough
  3. End lorry danger with smarter, safer lorries

Cyclists will be asked to press their 'Flic'  buttons when they feel at risk while cycling in London. The button is connected via Bluetooth to the cyclist’s phone via a 'Flic' app. When the button is pressed, data is generated from that particular place to a map on the campaign website, which is updated in real-time. An email is also triggered to the Mayors Office, to make him aware and encourage him to keep his promise to ‘make London a byword for cycling’ and deliver LCC's three-point 'Sign for Cycling' agenda.

London is a world metropolis and has every possibility to be a safe cycle-city. More people should be able to cycle and feel safe while doing so, but today’s infrastructure doesn’t allow it. Therefore, would we like to highlightthe issue and push forwardthe campaign for safer cycling, lettingcyclists themselves to report about the places that need improving.. It’s important for us to contribute to a safe cycle-environment – with the perspective of the cyclists as a focus, says Anna Katarina Skogh, Marketing Director at Hövding. 

As a first step, 500 digital buttons will be distributed to members and supporters of LCC to log the places they feel most at risk while riding in London.

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