London Assembly Transport Committee calls on Mayor to make good his Go Dutch promises

The cross-party London Assembly Transport Committee has called on Mayor Boris Johnson to keep his election promises to follow the agenda of our Love London, Go Dutch campaign in order to bring about a genuine cycling revolution in the capital.

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The London Assembly report, An Investigation into Safer Cycling in London, says strong political will from the Mayor is vital to ensure London is transformed into a city where everyone has a genuine choice to cycle.

The Transport Committee comprises 12 Assembly Members from across the political spectrum: 6 Labour, 4 Conservative, 1 Liberal Democrat and 1 Green.

Its report calls for the Better Junctions review to follow Dutch standards of best practice for street design for walking and cycling, in line with the promises the Mayor made in the run-up to the May 2012 mayoral election.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said: 

“We applaud the London Assembly’s call for the Mayor to keep his Go Dutch election promises, and to show the political leadership necessary to introduce continental standards of best practice for cycling and walking across Greater London.

“Sadly, recent proposals for redesigning Lambeth Bridge and Waterloo Roundabout put forward by the Mayor’s Better Junctions review fail to provide the safe and inviting conditions for cycling that he promised.

Report recommendations:

  1. Increase the target for number of cycling journeys to 10% by bicycle by 2026, rather than the Mayor’s 5% target.
  2. Double funding for cycling, increasing it to 2% of the 2012-13 Transport for London budget or £145 million, including more money for the Better Junctions review and for outer London boroughs, as proposed by LCC.
  3. The Better Junctions review should make fundamental changes to our streets, including offering “visible protection from motor traffic” for those who cycle, in line with LCC’s Go Dutch principles.
  4. Follow LCC’s Go Dutch principles in allocating space at junctions, using segregated facilities where necessary.
  5. The Department for Transport must change traffic regulations to allow improved cycling safety provision.
  6. The Road Safety Action Plan should be revised to improve measures around lorry safety.
  7. Increase enforcement and education among drivers on the roads.

The Assembly has asked Transport for London to report back to the Transport Committee by February. 

During the 2012 mayoral election, 10,000 people joined the Big Ride and 42,000 signed LCC’s petition calling for “streets that are safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland”.