Google expands Streetview across UK and adds cycle route-planning in US

photo Google maps now have Streetview images covering rural and urban streets across the UK

Google has expanded its popular Streetview service to the whole of the British Isles, and looks set to introduce its (currently US-only) bicycle route-finding application in the UK in the future.

Streetview, where users can drag an icon anywhere on to a map and see photos of the location, has become a useful tool for London cycle campaigners, and anyone else interested in urban geography.

A small but vocal minority opposing the service on inception – claiming the photos would be used by burglars and paedophiles – appears to have lost out to those praising Streetview.

Google has finally added bicycle route-planning to its US maps, after years of complaints that its 'Find a route' service only worked for car drivers and walkers.

There's no timetable for the improved bike-friendly maps or route-planning to be introduced in Greater London. For information as to how it works, watch the video below: