GORE Cosmo reversible jacket, £250, www.gorebikewear.co.uk

Making gear that looks as good on your bike as off it is – and still performs – is the new Holy Grail for bike clothing manufacturers.

The reversible Cosmo Two-way jacket is Gore’s attempt at the challenge. The ‘outside’ is a standard commuter design.

Hi-viz strips on the shoulders, arms and flanks make you visible without fully signing up to the fluoro brigade, and there’s a couple of reflective strips down the arms for good measure.

The ‘reverse’ is an attractive gunmetal grey, but look at the Cosmo for more than a few seconds and the taped seams and differing shades of grey in this mode make it look like, well, you’ve turned your jacket inside out. 

In action, it’s hard to fault the durable, comfortable and superlatively designed Cosmo as a commuting jacket.

The fabric is high-quality, breathable Gore-Tex, which will keep the elements out while letting you breathe.

Features like the high collar and integrated hood help keeps out the weather without constricting you, while a drawstring on the bottom seam will keep you dry at the other end.

Buy this jacket if you want a superb commuting jacket that’ll last years, rather than something that’ll be the wrong colour next season.

This item is available exclusively from Evans Cycles shops or www.evanscycles.com.