Government hard on cycling offences, soft on dangerous driving


Motor vehicles account for almost all of the 1,700 road deaths in the UK each year. In London, hit and run incidents are on the rise. The Government promised to update driving offences and improve road justice back in 2014, but four years on, that process remains on the drawing board. Now it has launched a consultation singling out cycling offences instead, after one high-profile case.

In order to reduce the tragic number of road deaths, and for Mayor Khan to meet his ‘Vison Zero’ target to eliminate all road deaths and serious injuries by 2041, the Government needs to focus on more than just dangerous cycling. 

To truly improve road safety, the Government need to get their priorities in order and bring forward a comprehensive review of all road offences – cycling and driving – as a matter of urgency. 

The consultation closes on Monday 5th November - please tell the government to stop singling out dangerous cycling and crack down on dangerous driving