Great news! Cycle Superhighway 4 takes a big step closer

The Mayor of London has announced that Cycle Superhighway 4 (CS4) will move into construction next year.

The proposals for CS4 will see protected space for cycling stretching from Tower Bridge to the outskirts of Greenwich. The plans received overwhelming support at public consultation, with 83% of respondents supporting them.

During the consultations, LCC’s response stated that we were very concerned about the missing Lower Road section in Southwark. Encouragingly, the announcement today also addressed this - the Mayor says it will be put to public consultation in the New Year, and is set to move into construction alongside TfL’s sections. This is an important step to make sure that this vital, but currently missing link isn’t left out as the project moves forward.

In our original response, we also highlighted the urgent need for extensions of the proposals in both directions – east from Greenwich town centre to Woolwich, and west from Tower Bridge to reach and potentially cross London Bridge, linking to the East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighways.

The need to extend the scheme has been further underlined since the consultation. Beyond Greenwich, the first two cycling fatalities of 2018 were both on the route an extension to CS4 is likely to take. Oliver Speke was killed on the A206 Romney Road while Edgaras Cepura was killed less than a week later on the Angerstein junction, known locally as the “crossing of death”.

To the west, there is a current consultation on reducing motor traffic on Tooley Street leading from Tower Bridge to London Bridge. This is an interim safety scheme while we wait for the full plans for the CS4 extension, but it is being actively opposed by black cab drivers. Cabs won’t even be banned on Tooley Street: they will just be restricted to one-way in a short section of road near London Bridge station – which was the situation for years during the London Bridge station upgrade and their access two-way only returned very recently.

The cab drivers’ opposition risks derailing any future CS4 plans for Tooley Street – so we’re asking everyone to respond to the consultation here.

You can read the full consultation report, which includes TfL’s answers to issues raised, here. Since consultation, most of the changes to the scheme have been positive, including providing signalised crossings at the Rotherhithe roundabout, a parallel crossing of Oxestalls Road and more segregation on Deptford Church Street.