Haringey primary school launches bike workshop for local community

North Harringay school bike workshop

photo Parent and bike mechanic Andy is teaching pupils basic bike maintenance skills

North Harringay Primary School, just North of Finsbury Park, has launched a bike workshop which is open to pupils as well as parents and the local community.

Funded by the Community Cycling Fund for London in 2010, the school was able to buy bike sheds, bicycles, tools and spare parts, and train two instructors to teach the pupils to cycle safely on the roads.

By running a bike workshop in tandem with the cycle training, the school provides the kids and their parents with the know how to look after their own bikes. The project also accepts donated bikes which are then restored and added to the school's fleet of pool bikes. This gives pupils who don't have a  bike a chance to give cycling a go.

Project leader Sarah O'Carroll says, 'It has been a fantastic experience. It is great to see the kids so engaged and focused, and having pool bikes means that all of them get can now get cycling.'

The cycling programme runs in conjunction with other healthy living initiatives and outreach to parents means that the good habits acquired at school are more likely to be carried over into the children’s everyday lives at home as well as at school.

North Harringay Primary School is now beginning to organise bike awareness days including races and organised rides with other schools in the area in a bid to start pooling resources and sharing knowledge and skills.

If you would like to donate a bike to the North Harringay Primary School, contact Sarah O’Carroll by email.