Have your say: GLA congestion inquiry

The London Assembly’s Transport Committee is investigating issues around rising congestion in London. They say: “Following a long period of relative stability, London’s roads have been getting busier and more congested for at least the last two years. Average traffic speed has fallen, as has journey time reliability on London’s main roads. Excess waiting times for buses has increased. High levels of congestion exacerbate a number of serious problems facing London.”

However, traffic speeds and journey time reliability has only dropped very slightly – and in a city with a booming population. We think it’s vital that the Assembly’s committee hear from those who experience London’s congested roads every day – those who cycle and walk particularly. And we think it’s vital that the Assembly doesn’t react to congestion by building more roads and bridges for motor vehicles.

Please respond to the consultation here by 2 September latest. And tell the committee what you think London needs to do to improve the situation. Here’s what we think the key points to make are – but please work out your own, or use your own words:

  • It’s not cycle tracks or cycling infrastructure that causes congestion – these are the solution. We need lots more, and better junctions, to enable more people to get out of cars and start cycling.
  • What does cause (or restrain) congestion: motoring costs (including parking); journey times; enabling alternatives; facilitation or restriction of motor vehicle journeys. In other words – the more you build for demand, the more demand there is – so more tunnels, bridges and roads will only end up with more journeys made by car and the same vehicle speeds in the end.
  • Solutions – make parking more costly; roads pricing/congestion charging (with monies raised going to sustainable transport schemes); build for cycling, walking, public transport, not for more private motor car journeys; deal with the school run, private hire vehicles and freight/deliveries.

Again, respond here: https://www.london.gov.uk/about-us/london-assembly/london-assemblys-current-investigations/londons-congested-roads by 2 September