Have your say on the Ultra Low Emission Zone for London


Photo: Transport for London

The Mayor is consulting, again, on an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

This time on bringing the start date of the ULEZ forward by over a year. 

Respond to the consultation.

The ULEZ would require all vehicles driving in central London to meet new exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards). The current consultation is on introducing the ULEZ from April 2019, a year earlier than planned. 

It would apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A vehicle that does not meet the ULEZ standards could still be driven in central London but a daily charge would have to have been paid to do so.

Although London's air quality has improved in recent years, the city still fails to comply with the legal limits of air pollution. The equivalent of almost 9,500 early deaths in London are attributed to the capital’s high levels of air pollution. 

However, in the proposed format the ULEZ won't result in EU quality targets being met across London. So while LCC supports the creation of an ultra low emission zone, and is glad that the proposal is to introduce it earlier than planned, we have some concerns. Our main suggestions to improve the scheme are:

  • Extend the ULEZ so it covers a wider area. The proposals are for the ULEZ to cover the current congestion zone, but many of London's air pollution hotspots, like Swiss Cottage, Mile End Rd and Brixton Rd fall outside this area.
  • Integrate the ULEZ with other mayoral policies. Policies set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and Healthy Streets policy propose to reduce the need for motor vehicle travel and increase the proportion of trips made by non-polluting modes - yet construction of new roads and tunnels in the capital, such as the proposed Silvertown Tunnel, will encourage the growth of motor traffic and conflict with air quality objectives. We'd also like to see money raised by an extended ULEZ spent on promoting less polluting transport modes such as cycling and public transport, and access to electric car pools.
  • The inclusion of a schedule towards zero emissions standards for all vehicles as soon as possible. Vehicle replacements, for example compliant buses, should be made as soon as possible so emissions savings are realised earlier.  

Transport for London are encouraging people to respond to the consultation before it closes on 25th June 2017