Have your say on plans for Quietway 2 in Islington


Islington Council's consultation on its plans for Quietway 2 closes on Sunday 17 May - so there are just a few days left to ask the council to take out rat running motor traffic to make safe and inviting space for cycling.

We've welcomed the Quietways programme in principle. London desperately needs routes that are suitable for everyone to cycle, and take people where they want to go. But it’s absolutely essential that these routes are actually ‘quiet’ – the routes must be high-quality, direct, and cater for all cycling abilities, and they must provide safe and convenient passage through junctions. Where the routes use residential roads which often suffer from ‘rat running’ – where vehicles cut through residential areas to reach their destination, rather than using main roads - measures must be taken to reduce high motor traffic volumes or speeds. 

LCC and its local group, Islington Cyclists' Action Group, have concerns that plans for Quietway 2 in Islington don't address the needs to reduce motor traffic levels in the area. We think this is something that can be resolved by introducing point closures on some of the roads along the route, which would prevent rat running traffic and make the route safer and more inviting for cycling. ICAG Committee Member Tom Harrison says: "It's a numbers game; if enough people tell the council they want to remove rat running, then the council will budge. Until then, we are left with the status quo of high volumes of motor traffic, and illegal pollution."

The map below, produced by ICAG, shows their recommended point closures and comments. 

ICAG have published their response to the consultation, and are asking people who cycle or who would like to cycle in Islington to respond before the deadline.

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