Have your say on the Regent's Park to Gladstone Park Quietway


There are just a few days left to have your say on a 4km long section of the Regent’s Park to Gladstone Park Quietway cycle route which runs through Brent.

This route is part of the wider Quietways programme, a network of radial and orbital cycle routes throughout London. These routes are designed to link key destinations, and will follow direct back-street routes, go through parks, along waterways or tree-lined streets. LCC's view is that Quietways must suitable for everyone and take people where they want to go, not stopping short of key destinations or running out at borough boundaries. To actually be ‘quiet’ the routes need to restrict through motor traffic (rat-running) and provide separation where required (where speed limits are above 20 mph or traffic volumes are high). Junctions need to be both safe and convenient without detours or delays for cycle users.

Brent Cyclists, the local LCC group, has a number of concerns with the plans. Park Avenue North has a level of traffic inappropriate for a Quietway, but no proposals for filtering have been brought forward. Also the route crossings of Kendal Road / Anson Road and of Walm Lane (A407) don’t look safe enough, and the Quietway lacks priority over minor roads that cross it, Lydford Road and Mapesbury Road.

To respond to the consultation before the deadline of 5th June, you can fill in the online survey, or email transportation@brent.gov.uk.