Havering LCC raises profile of cycle parking through bike stand strategy

photo David Garfield These tall stands designed by a local LCC member have proved a hit in Havering

LCC Havering member David Garfield’s cycle stand caused a bit of a stir when it was launched a few years ago, but has now become a favourite with Havering council.

Garfield intended the taller stand to offer better protection for your bike’s paintwork and be highly visible.

Now, this home-grown innovation can be found at many local shops.

The LCC group built a successful cycle parking strategy on recognising that spending money in town centres like Romford might be wasted because they're often very inaccessible by bike.

Acknowledging that this would have to be addressed with other policies, Havering LCC pragmatically chose to campaign for more parking provision at the many parades of local shops away from the town centres.

As a credible partner of the local authority, LCC Havering was instrumental in spending available cycling money effectively.

The campaign now seems to have found its way into the current strategy of the borough and no doubt into the hearts of shoppers and shopkeepers alike.

Does your local shop have cycle parking? If not, why not mark it on LCC’s online map where it will be used to inform and lobby authorities.