Help LCC urge major tourist attractions to promote cycling

Credit: Charlotte Rushton Credit: Charlotte Rushton

No cycle parking at a London landmark?

London Cycling Campaign is urging the city’s biggest attractions to promote cycling as one of the best ways to travel.

Many of the capital’s biggest attractions – including The Tower of London, Madame Tussauds and the London Eye – do not include information on arriving by bike or bike parking. Most also offer inadequate cycle parking facilities. 

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) is now urging members to take action and request that all of London’s attractions should include information on arriving by bike and the nearest location of bike parking facilities. They should also invest in proper cycle parking facilities.

To write a letter requesting action and to tell the city’s attractions “It’s good to bike”, download the template letter using the link on the right.

Simon Brammer, LCC's Director, said: “The most popular attractions in London tell you how to get there by car, bus, train and – in some cases – even by riverboat. There’s no reason at all why travelling by bike should be neglected.

“These attractions should provide secure and convenient parking and then promote it. It’s not only good for cyclists, it’s good for them because it attracts more people.  We want these places to get the message: “It’s good to cycle.”

Many visitors to London’s top attractions live a short distance away and cycling is the cheapest, most efficient and environmentally-friendly way of getting there. As increasing numbers of people in London are discovering the advantages of cycling, London’s attractions should be doing their best to promote cycling and cycling facilities.

Visitors to attractions in London can be deterred by the cost of a trip, the congestion charge and engineering works on the underground and rail network. Telling visitors “It’s good to cycle” can help boost visitor numbers.

Attractions which say "It's good to cycle"

  • Tate Modern. Website: Information provided for cyclists with a detailed map of the location and information on sheltered bike parking.

  • London Aquarium. Website: Information on “arriving by bicycle” with a detailed map of the nearest cycle parking facilities.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Website: Information on “travelling by bike” with locations of cycle parking facilities.

  • National Theatre. Website: information on conveniently-located cycle parking

The attractions neglecting bikes

  • Madame Tussauds. Website: No information for cyclists, but details on arriving by bus, car and train. Telephone enquiries: taped message with no information on bike parking facilities.

  • London Zoo. Website: No information for cyclists, but transport details for car, coach, trains and riverboats.

  • London Eye. Website: No information for cyclists, but transport details for tube, rail, buses, coaches and cars. Telephone enquiries: Callers are told railings on the London Eye site can be used for parking and are referred to Transport for London for cycle routes.

Many thanks to City Cyclists for inspiring this page.