Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket - £170

Hilltrek Ventile Cycling Jacket - £170 (Olive, Red, Beige, Black, Navy)

Retro clothing fans hunt down the old ‘Greenspot’ jackets that were once popular  with cycle tourists. 

Now Hilltrek, a British outdoor gear specialist, has revived the old favourite and added to its performance by making it from a cotton called Ventile which is waterproof when used as a double layer.

When the fibres of the outer Ventile layer become wet they swell and prevent water reaching the inside layer.

The cloth is favoured by bird watchers (and the SAS) because it doesn’t rustle. In addition to its weatherproof properties it is breathable and windproof.  

Hilltrek have stuck with the well established Greenspot design of four zipped pockets on the front, two at the back with a storm flap on each of them – all big enough to take a map or GPS/smart phone etc.

When tested in the rain the waterproof properties of the jacket matched the performance of my Goretex trousers keeping me dry and warm (note that the pockets, which are single layer Ventile, are not waterproof).

The Hilltrek’s cut is spot on for cycling, with the capacious and secure pockets, but its equally at home in the pub.

Weatherproof cotton, unfortunately, comes at a price but the Hilltrek underscuts most other Ventile garments,  and its durability should pay off in the long term

PROS Waterproof, wind resistant and durable

CONS Price