Holborn protest ride attracts 2500 Londoners calling on the Mayor to provide safe space for cycling

A crowd estimated at 2500 people, significantly larger than the one that assembled last Friday in Aldgate, came together on Tuesday evening to take part in the latest LCC protest ride in central London.

Hundreds of the protestors wore placards, or tied them to their bikes, calling on Mayor Boris Johnson to provide dedicated space for cycling to prevent further cycling deaths in the city. 

The respectful participants stopped for a minute's silence at the place where Monday's victim was run over and killed by a lorry, while many passers-by also showed their support and a representative from Camden Cycling Campaign laid flowers.

Monday's fatality has been named as Alan Neve, a 54-year-old Londoner who was cycling to his job at the Performing Rights Society in Goodge Street.

Mr Neve is the third cycling death in three weeks, after a young woman was killed in Aldgate and a father-of-two near Lewisham town centre.

LCC's chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Once again we must thank Londoners for supporting this protest and sending such a clear message to the Mayor: provide dedicated space to make cycling a safe and inviting mode of transport for everyone."

"We hope he sees the photos and video footage from our protest, and notes the remarkable cross-section of Londoners that took part – Londoners of many all ages and backgrounds are united in wanting to ride our city streets without fear for their safety."

As the riders snaked slowly past the place where Mr Neve died, hundreds more riders were still joining at the protest behind them.

Eventually, the 2500-strong ride reached Lincoln's Inn, where a large crowd heard LCC chair of trustees Ann Kenrick talk passionately about the need for safe space for cycling: her nephew Guy was last week hit by a lorry while cycling in Wandsworth, and was lucky to escape with a fractured pelvis.

photos: Anna Gudaniec, Tom Bogdanowicz, Mike Cavenett

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