Hounslow Skyride

West London to host hundreds of cyclists at Hounslow Skyride

On Sunday 9th August six miles of roads in West London will be closed to traffic and instead of cars, families and individuals on bikes will take to the streets in a localised version of the event previously known as Freewheel.

The event is designed to encourage more people to take to two or three wheels by providing a traffic free and enjoyable route through this leafy and attractive part of West London. Participants will have the chance to enjoy the green spaces provided by Syon and Osterly Parks and admire the architecture of the historic stately houses located in the grounds.

LCC to organise led rides to the event

The event will be a great opportunity to meet other cyclists, discover new parts of London and there will be a variety of stalls and entertainment on hand to make the event an enjoyable day out for all.

And if you are a novice or less confident cyclist, LCC is organising 5 led rides into the traffic free route. Although the routes will not be closed to traffic, the rides will be escorted by trained marshals and ride leaders to ensure a pleasant journey for all who take part.

LCC’s community cycling Officer Rosie Tharp will be leading the ride from Ravenscourt Park and hopes that there are some community groups to keep her company on the day:

“We are really excited that Hounslow will be closing the roads to traffic and cyclists will be free to enjoy and discover this beautiful part of London. Freewheel 2008 was a fantastic event with people from all walks of life sharing a passion for cycling. It is great for bringing communities together and we hope that more London boroughs follow suit in the future”.

London Skyride

And don’t forget the Central London Skyride on Sunday 20th September. LCC will be organising led rides from all the London boroughs into the main circuit so keep your eye on the LCC website for more details. Make sure the date is in your diary so you don’t miss out on the cycling event of the year!

For more information, check out the link below.