A Britain fit for cycling: our response to the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group is a group of British MPs and peers from all parties who want to promote cycling.

They have launched an investigation into the barriers to cycling in the UK and will run six sessions to collect evidence on different aspects of cycling – the first session is on 23 January 2013.

LCC will be invited to give evidence and we will also report back on the proceedings.  The Times’ parent company, News International, has funded the hearing with £10,000 as part of their Cities fit for Cycling campaign

The report they produce will inform a parliamentary debate on cycling later in the year and will be used to influence government to put more resources and political will into developing cycling.

We expect this report to be seen by the Prime Minister and other senior politicians. It is vital we make the case for our streets to be safe and inviting for all cyclists, as we do in our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

In preparation for the APPCG enquiry we were asked to submit our views on how to create a Britain fit for cycling.

Summary of LCC's response

Britons were inspired in 2012 by the cycling achievements of Team GB during the Olympics and Paralympics and Team Sky in the Tour de France.

It is clear that interest in everyday cycling is growing with bike sales up across the country and cycle use in London is continuing to rise.

During the Games period cycle use in central London rose by 29% and in East London by 62%.

Not since the mass expansion of motorisation have so many Londoners – and increasingly so many visitors to the capital – chosen the bicycle as the most convenient, enjoyable and economical choice for everyday local journeys.

Yet even the capital, where cycle journeys have increased by 70% over the past decade to more than 540,000 per day, still has a low overall share of cycling at just 2% of all journeys, well below cities like Berlin (10%) or Amsterdam (36%). The overall figure for the UK is below 2%.

The LCC believes that political will, within Government and within Local Authorities, is the single most important fundamental and overarching factor that will deliver improved conditions for cycling in the UK, and unlock the huge latent demand there is for cycling as an everyday means of transport.

This political will is key to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign and London’s present Mayor, Boris Johnson, signed up to our pledge, and the three tests that accompanied it (to implement continental standards for cycling provision: at three flagship locations, on the Cycle Superhighways and on roads that the Mayor controls (TfL road network TLRN).

We believe that the principles that underpin our Love London, Go Dutch campaign should be implemented across the county as well as London and will bring the best of European cycling culture to the UK.

The full LCC reponse can be downloaded here 'How to Create a Britian Fit for Cycling' and more details of the inquiry can be found on All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's website.