How you can help

The number of cyclists on London’s road is increasing fast. Here are some ways you can help campaign for safer and better conditions for cyclists.

Join LCC

Join LCC and support the organisation which represents cyclists and campaigns to transform London into a world-class cycling city.

If you are keen to help promote cycling in London, join us or donate by following the links on the right.

Join your local group

Your local group campaigns to improve cycle facilities in your area. See the local groups pages for more details.

Read the website

Read the campaigns website and use the recommended contacts to urge MPs, planners and transport providers to improve conditions for cyclists.

Volunteer at LCC

If you have some spare time, you can contact LCC, which is always looking for volunteers to help.

LCC's campaign groups

If you have interest in a particular subject, you might wish to get involved in LCC’s campaign groups. We run a number of groups including Cycle Parking and Carriage, HGVs, Cycle Planning and Engineering, Policing and Enforcement, Parks and Canals and several others. We recommend contacting your local group co-ordinator to find out how your group is involved if you are interested in joining these groups.