Hundreds of London cyclists turn out for Flashride to protest against Blackfriars 'urban motorways'

Estimates vary from 500 to 2000 but whatever the true number, a massive number of London cyclists occupied the whole of Blackfriars Bridgeon Friday night as a protest against Transport for London's plans to proceed with the flawed design for the northern junction.

TfL is also refusing to implement a 20mph speed limit on the bridge, which would be  a massive benefit to safety.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Many thanks to everyone who came along to show their support for a better Blackfriars.

"The huge turnout for this protest ride shows the passion for cycling in London, and the desire among ordinary Londoners to enjoy safer and more people-friendly streets.

"Blackfriars must not be redesigned as an urban motorway: it's time London moved on."

photos: Ian Jones & Tom Bogdanowicz

More photos: Ed Scoble