ICAG opposes proposed new car parking spaces in Finsbury Park

The Islington Cyclists Action Group (ICAG) has responded to the Islington council’s proposal to create five football pitches and 83 car parking spaces in an open space in Finsbury Park which is currently free to use for the community.

ICAG explains that the added car parking will increase congestion in an area which is adequately served by public transport and a network of cycle routes, and that it would encourage the use of private cars instead of encouraging other modes of transport.

The open space in Finsbury Park which is situated opposite the Café next to the pond is currently used for community events. It is also regularly used for Level 1 off road cycle training by a number of cycle training providers and Pedal Power, a local disability cycling club, uses the space to give participants a chance to cycle in a traffic-free environment.

London offers few open spaces for these purposes. ICAG believes that the needs of current users are not catered for elsewhere and the creation of football pitches and car parking spaces would represent a genuine loss of local amenities and opportunities for the community.