ICAG Ride to BikeFest 2005

A group of 19 Islington cyclists met at the town hall for a feeder ride to Bike Fest 2005. There a good mix of ages and types of bicycle including a fancy side-by-side tandem.

The ride set off accompanied by some nice jazz music from one of the bikes adding to the friendy atmospere.

The roads were almost empty of motor vehicles and the weather was just right, so it was a very pleasant ride to Trafagar Square.

Lots to see

There was lots to see at the Bike Fest including a bicycle opera (above), break dancing with bikes some other great shows for kids and unusual bicycles of all kinds.

Lots to do

There were free bike rides, bike training, rides around a track on recumbents and other special bikes. There was also a giant bicycle painting that could be added to by any of the visitors.

Lots free

There was lots of free goodies being given away including some great cycle bags for kids from TFL (see above).

Lots of people

Trafalgar square was full of people of all ages, most of whom seemed to be in the long and winding queue for the bike doctor.

A great day out

Overall a great day was had by all at this well managed event.They even had a cycling St Johns Ambulance team on hand.

The Islington cyclists enjoyed the day out and are looking forward to Bike Fest 2006.