Idiocyclicies: cycling tips from women

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Everybody has some quirky habit to share about cycling. Either add yours using the form below or check out some of the things women do to facilitate cycling as part of their lifestyles.

  • I tie a knot in the bottom of my skirt to prevent it getting caught in my chain - Lucy
  • I keep a plastic bag in my handbag/backpack to tie around the saddle in case I have to leave my bike somewhere out in the rain, so the saddle is dry when I get backĀ  - Mags
  • I carry a pair of plastic disposable gloves in my pannier so if I need to fix my bike on the go I don't turn up to work with my hands covered in bike oil - Nat
    I wear leg warmers on my arms in the winter to stop the breeze! - Ali
  • The shower caps provided in hotel bathrooms are perfect for popping over the saddle to keep it dry - Doff
  • I bought a wicker basket for my bike, I can fit loads in it and don't have to wear a backpack all the time - Vixter