Ignorant Cyclists! Ignorant Lorry Drivers!

Mayor Ken Livingstone has launched a road safety campaign aimed at Commercial Goods Vehicles and cyclists. In partnership with LCC and the Freight Transport Association, the key message of the campaign is  to think about the dangers and be safe.

Matthew Thomson, Chair of LCC, says, "Cycling in London is quick, cheap, convenient, fun and healthy and London's streets are becoming more cycle friendly. But there are specific risks and being near a lorry is one of them. We would encourage cyclists to take care and not to put themselves in positions of unnecessary danger".

One of the campaign's first publications is a leaflet. Using a "two sides to every story" approach, it has two front pages (as opposed to the normal front and back). Entitled "Ignorant Cyclists!" "Ignorant Lorry Drivers!" the leaflet's key message is that passing a lorry on the left hand side is statistically very dangerous.

The central image from the leaflet