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Depending on organisation size and type, a one-site audit can cost from £2,000 + VAT.  Rates can be adjusted according to needs and requirements.  Please contact the office for more information.

By enticing people out of their cars onto more sustainable forms of transport you are proving to those concerned with green business ethics that you are actively engaged in environmental solutions.

650,000 people already cycle reguarly in London.  Cycling commuters are likely to be healthier, fitter and more alert than their non-cycling colleagues, and if they travel for work on their bikes as well, then they are also much quicker between meetings.

Regular exercise, such as cycling, halves the chances of suffering from heart disease and provides protection from strokes, diabetes and certain types of cancer. (1)

An average car park space fits approximately 10-12 bicycles; imagine how many car park spaces you could free up if you persuaded your employees to cycle to work?  Your business and your staff will be saving money in the process.

You'll be leading by example; by demonstrating to your employees, stakeholders, visitors, community and patients your concern for their health, and your commitment to improving the local environment.

1. Pedalling Health: Health Benefits of a Modal Transport Shift by Ian Roberts, Harry Owen, Peter Lumb, Colin MacDougall (1996)