International Women's Day 2014 - Inspiring Change

International Women's Day is an annual event and this year, Saturday 8th March sees various groups around the world celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

2014's theme is 'Inspiring Change', and whilst much progress has been made in relation to women's equality, the world is still unequal and this day calls upon everyone to encourage advocacy for women's advancement everywhere, in every way. This topic resonated with us at LCC and not just on the subject of women, but in relation to our entire campaign objectives. In relation to women and cycling, we enlisted the help of some females from a wide variety of backgrounds to talk to us about life as a woman on two wheels. Some of them have even thought about our Space for Cycling campaign - LCC's biggest focus in which to 'Inspire Change' this year.

Guest edited by journalist, author, mother and, of course, avid cyclist Cathy Bussey, we hope this set of blogs is inspiring to everyone, be they male or female, new cyclist or regualr rider.

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Cathy Bussey Journalist, Author and Mother

 Cathy Bussey is an author, journalist, mother and mad-keen cyclist. Her book, 'The Girl's Guide to Life on Two Wheels' was published in 2013 and she also contributes to a blog of the same name:

Cathy is also guest columnist in this quarter's London Cyclist magazine.





Dr Rachel Aldred LCC Trustee and Sociologist 

 Dr Rachel Aldred is an elected LCC Trustee and Chair of its Policy Forum. She is a sociologist who lectures in Transport at the University of Westminster, her specialist research area being cycling. Her personal website can be found at rachelaldred.organd tweets at @RachelAldred.






Caz Nicklin Author and Founder of

 Caz is owner and founder of Cyclechic, an online retailer dedicated to providing women with stylish cycling accessories. Caz has been writing, packed full of cycling advice and style tips, for the past 7 years and releases her first book, 'The Girls’ Bicycle Handbook: Everything you need to know about life on two wheels' on 3rd April.







Kerena Fussell LCC Member and Campaigner in Newham

Kerena Fussell is an LCC member and active campaigner for our local group in Newham. "With International Women's Day this week, London Cycling Campaign are focusing on ladies who ride bikes. There are actually lots of us, although you wouldn't necessarily know from the "cycling fashion" appearing in  some high street stores..."






Jenni Gwiazdowski Founder of London Bike Kitchen  

Jenni hails from San Diego, went to uni at Berkeley and graduated with a BA in Mass Communications. After working at an afterschool programme for disadvantaged kids in Richmond, CA, she fled the US for Japan to "teach" English for three years.She cut her charity teeth at the London Community Resource Network before starting up the London Bike Kitchen in March 2012...





Heather Irvine Editor, Total Women's Cycling and Adventure Racer

Heather Irvine has recently been appointed as Editor for Total Women's Cycling. Prior to her role over at TWC, she has written for The Times. Heather’s main passion lies in adventure racing which can require long stints in the saddle and some technical mountain biking sections, which are always the highlight of her race...



Ann Kenrick OBE, Chair of LCC, Author and Founder of East Dulwich SRS Group

Ann Kenrick OBE (@annkenrick) is Chair of the LCC, Founder/former Chair of the East Dulwich SRS Group. She has cycled in London for around 50 years, has toured France and the US, biked 6 times to Paris and survived a couple of  Dunwich Dynamos.




Sarah Morpurgo Project Co-ordinator at The Bike Project

Sarah Morpurgo runs The Bike Project and was awarded one of LCC's Community Cycling Fund for London grants.

"I really love cycling, but I'm not a bike nerd. I don't remember my first bike, or learning to cycle especially. If anything, you'd think growing up in Crouch End would put me off cycling for life, hills and all! I didn't plan to work with bikes. I actually trained as a classical flautist..."



Annisa Chand co-founder of Radiant Riders, sub group of the Shoreditch Sisters Women's Institute

We find out a bit more about Annisa Chand, co-founder of Radiant Riders, a sub group of the Shoreditch Sisters Women's Institute. Radiant Riders is held once a month and is a great chance to socialise whilst gaining more experience and confidence in cycling.








Lisa Eller Member of LCC and Newham Cyclists

 "My name is Lisa and I’m a gardener based in Forest Gate. I can usually be seen trundling my kit up and down the local streets in a shopping trolley with red roses stuck to the front. As far as my cycling style is concerned that also seems to be stuck in the 1940s; I’m a heel wearing, no helmet, anti-Lycra, no to hi-viz kind of girl..."