Islington Council Staff Travel Survey and Green Travel Plan

In May 2003, Islington Council carried out a survey to determine staff travel habits. 912 of the approximately 6000 staff completed the survey, which was mainly distributed via the Council’s intranet.

Nearly 59% of staff indicated that they normally use public transport as their main from of travel to and from work, and another 13.1% normally walk, while only 16.3% said they drive to and from work. In terms of cycling, 7.6% said they cycle to and from work as their main mode, and 12.9% of staff said that they cycle at least part of the way to or from work on a regular basis (traveling the majority of the distance by another mode).

While the overall results of the survey are quite positive, it seems there is good scope to increase the proportion of staff that cycle to work by improving end-of-trip facilities in Council buildings and increasing promotion of cycling. The Council is also expanding its bicycle pool to promote cycle use for business trips. The Council’s new Green Travel Plan, published and launched in September, includes a number of related measures to be implemented during 2004 and 2005.

The full results of the survey are included in the Council’s new Green Travel Plan, which can be downloaded from:

The focus of the plan is the 66 actions to promote greener modes of travel for staff commute trips, business trips and visitor trips.

Eric Manners
Islington Council’s Green Travel Officer
Tel 020 7527 2771, Email