Islington Cyclists launch petition to ensure Quietway route is safe for cycling

Our local group in Islington; Islington Cyclists Action Group, have launched a petition calling on the local council to restrict through traffic on a planned Quietway running north to south through the Inner London borough from Finsbury Park to Clerkenwell.


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Islington has secured money from TfL to implement a Quietway route from Finsbury Park to Clerkenwell. The proposed route takes in roads including Drayton Park, where it passes Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium, Westbourne Road, Thornhill Road and Amwell Street.

The route is already hugely popular with cyclists and avoids busy main roads, including Highbury Corner, currently the site of major roadworks.

 But the route is also used heavily by motor traffic using the route as a rat-run to avoid other, more congested roads, like nearby Holloway Road. This video highlights the problem



Islington Cyclists Action Group would like to the council to remove the majority of traffic from this route by only providing local access and cutting of the route to through traffic. This is a great opportunity for cycling money to be used to benefit local communities. 


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Installing bollards, to restrict access to vehicles on Thornhill Road, Barnsbury Road and Amwell Street will reduce pollution and traffic noise for those living and working there. At the same time, it will create a truly quiet route along which people of all ages and abilities, can feel comfortable cycling along. Measures to remove through motor traffic from residential streets, to help create safe cycle routes is a key demand of our Space for Cycling campaign.

Filtering out through traffic by using bollards, gates or planters can help to create safe, quiet routes for cycling and walking.


Live locally and want to help? To get involved with the group, contact, follow them on Twitter, or take a look at their website.