Islington humps create the least cycle-friendly street in Europe

Road humps in Islington

Photo New speed bumps have create an extravagant obstacle for cyclists in an Islington back street

Cyclists have criticised Islington council after it installed speed bumps to slow down cyclists in a quiet back street.

Council-owned Homes for Islington has put 14 bumps in Douglas Road South in Canonbury after residents complained about speeding cyclists. The work cost around £3000.

Canonbury ward councillor Barbara Smith said: "It's a short road with no other traffic but it proves dangerous for children wanting to play outside. I have also heard of an elderly gentleman being knocked down."

Serious access issues for disabled path users
LCC campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "This looks like a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It is surprising that council experts did not intervene before these particular bumps were installed.

"The number of speed bumps in such a short space must make this quiet road among the least cycle and wheelchair friendly in Europe.

"The measure will have the greatest negative impact on local residents who cycle as well as older cyclists, people with disabilities and parents with push chairs.

For the more vulnerable members of the community the bumps are a serious obstacle and a safety issue."