Islington LCC pilots successful 'veloteer' campaigning project

The local LCC group in Islington (the Islington Cyclists Action Group) organised a pioneering cyclist volunteer event in the borough.

The event involved guiding LCC members on a bike ride around the borough, highlighting a range of local campaigning successes and ongoing issues that need to be addressed.

After a pleasant lunch in a local garden, there was a skills session led by experienced activists, which showed how straightforward it can be respond to consultations on traffic schemes.

A local council officer explained how to work with the council on cycling issues and Islington councillor Greg Foxsmith (who leads on the environment) spoke about  putting cycling on the election agenda for 2010.

The ‘veloteers’ were encouraged to keep an eye on issues in their ward,  and to share their views on key street problems across the borough.

For more information, please visit the ICAG website.