ITV Fixers recruiting youth cycling project

ITV Fixers

ITV’s campaign to support young people to take action on issues close to their heart is now recruiting for a cycling project working with 16-25 year olds.

The ITV Fixers media campaign is funded by V Inspired and offers to fund and support youth groups to run projects which will benefit their community.

The campaign provides projects with the resources needed and a creative team works with the group making sure their voices are heard. This includes setting up events, websites, or even making a short film.

Previous creative projects have included a campaign to save one town’s beach, a campaign against child abuse, and an go at ridding a city of plastic bags.

All Fixers projects are featured on the ITV website ( and some are selected for broadcast on regional TV.

Since the campaign launched, more than 1,500 fixers and 150 projects have taken part. In autumn, the most successful projects will be rewarded with a National V Award.

For more information or to sign up, download the flyer on the right.