Jay Lockwood Wins our Poster Design competition at Spoke festival

Back in June, the Bussey Building in Peckham hosted the debut of Spoke; a free design and illustration fair celebrating cycling. You might remember that LCC hosted a competition as part of this exciting new event for an up and coming artist (and keen cyclist of course!) to design a poster for us? We are delighed to introduce our winner, Jay Lockwood, and his design to you. We're sure that, like us, you'll want a copy of this on your wall. They'll be more information in the coming weeks as to how you can buy one of these limited edition prints, so keep an eye on our website and social media channels to be in with a chance of getting one. In the meantime, here's more on the artist; over to you Jay ...  

About Me:

Jay Lockwood graduated from TVU with a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design. He has five years’ experience working as head of design for Blade Printing. Working in the printing industry he has gained excellent knowledge in design for print, helping him deliver creative solutions for every client. He specializes in Logo Design, Brand Identity, Kit Design and Design for Print.
I love contemporary art and graphic design. Creative and visual inspiration comes from exhibitions, magazines, photography, cycling, movies and design books.”

My Work:

My work is always evolving as technology changes. At university I created a lot of band artwork which I still enjoy to this day. I enjoy the freedom you’re allowed to explore with EP and album artwork as there are fewer boundaries. Working in the printing industry has influenced my work in a big way. Part of my job involves stripping down logos and designs to their fundamental components so they can work as a print. This has given me a real appreciation and understanding of the work that goes into creating them and also what colours and fonts works best on printed garments and printed collateral. I feel this is demonstrated in my latest logo designs and branding projects as they are clean and bold. On more personal projects where I am allowed a bit more freedom I always try to add a bit of my personality. I am a big fan of older eras including the 1920s and 50s. The style and colours depicted at that time I enjoy exploring through old vintage posters and TV series such as ‘Mad Men’.

My thoughts about the poster:

I have always been a fan of minimalist design, particularly where posters are concerned. A poster should catch your attention straight away through bold colours and striking imagery. I like focusing on the features of a bicycle rather than showing the complete image. I went with the fixie wheel as they are very popular in London and felt the colour ranges that can be explored would be a fun and an inviting image to make people to want to cycle. I also felt it was important to carry the branding colours of the London Cycling Campaign throughout the poster. The thickness of the fixie wheel gave me the perfect opportunity to position the LCC logo as a finishing touch to the branding and overall look and feel of the campaign. I have to say a big thank you to my brother Max; he gave up his time on Saturday to help me get some nice close up photos of his hand on his road bike which helped with the concepts of the final image.

The organisers from Spoke had this to add about the event:

“Spoke’s first event was a fantastic success, over 250 cycle art enthusiasts joined us at the Bussey Building in Peckham on 28th June. There was an amazing selection of cycle themed prints, wares and illustrations from artists such as Eliza Southwood, David Sparshott and Richard Baker. The event celebrated cycling through artists impressions and encouraged visitors to get on their bikes, I’ve had a few people contact me since to say they’ve got back into cycling! You can check out pictures and podcasts from Spoke on our website. We’re just about to set the gears in motion for next year’s event - expect even more cycle themed art, activities and a few surprises... sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear!”