Join the LCC Board! Our current Chair tells us about the highs and lows

This blog was written in 2016. Following Ann's retirment as Chair in February 2017 the new Chair of the London Cycling Campaign is Mustafa Arif.


London is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world with fewer than half of all Londoners describing themselves as White British and I consider it crucial that the LCC Board reflects that diversity in its ethnic and gender mix. Research shows that diversity at board level is vital for better strategic oversight and more angles of vision; organisations are most effective when they incorporate fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking. 

It is now nearly ten years since I have been involved in the LCC Board and it has involved a mix of elated achievement, frustration, making new friendships and always interesting and stimulating discussion in tackling new challenges. The time commitment has not been massive and it has been very rewarding to contribute my experience in marketing and charities to the development of LCC strategy and meeting day to day challenges.

The low points for me have included speaking at rallies to mark the deaths of cyclists at Bow Roundabout, Holborn and at Bank although it is always inspiring and heart-warming to see how many London cyclists give up their time to show the strength of feeling engendered by these incidents.

Ann speaking at the Holborn protest ride in 2013

The high points have got to be the really positive demonstrations of more than 10,000 people on the Big Ride back in 2012 demanding Dutch style streets in London which led to the transformation that we see today. The diversity of London was dramatically evident with children riding with their families, older people, people with disabilities and a whole range of different types of bicycles.…many decorated with inspired imagination!

Working with the new mayor in an uncertain political and economic situation will require a nimble and creative Board. I would urge any of you to consider applying to become a Trustee of the LCC Board especially women and those from diverse backgrounds.

Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you want to have a chat about what is involved:

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