Ken supports All Ability cycling

On Tuesday 25 March 2003, London Mayor Ken Livingstone launched the London Cycling Campaign's All Ability Cycling Group with the message 'Cycling is for everyone’. The Mayor rode a side-by-side bike with the group’s chair Debbie Allaire (a wheelchair user) to show to show how easy cycling can be.

Ken Livingstone, said: "One of the barriers to cycling is the perception that you need to be fit, strong and healthy in order to cycle. The All Ability Cycling Group will seek to dispel that myth and encourage more disabled people to take up cycling." The Mayor declared his commitment to treble cycle use In London and to invest in cycling facilities.

Jenny Jones, the Mayor’s Road Safety Ambassador said "these bikes are an opportunity to go out and enjoy life."

London Cycling Campaign believes that cycling is possible for people of all abilities and that people are generally unaware of specialised cycles. The group is being established to help publicise cycling for all and to show that anyone can do it.

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