Key consultation role for LCC in Cycle Highway development

photo Stockwell gyratory is one of the key barriers to cycling on the A24/A3 route

LCC is playing a key role in advising TfL as to how the mayor’s Cycle Highways should be developed.

The first two Cycle Highways  are due to due to open in spring 2010, with 12 in place by 2012.

The radial routes, running into the city centre from around London, are similar to a scheme proposed by LCC in 2002.

LCC is helping to advance the project by offering its knowledge and critique to create genuine cycle-priority schemes.

LCC fighting the corner for cyclists
LCC is already engaging with TfL in the consultation process for the first two Highways, as well as providing a high level of analysis and input on the routes.

TfL has recently agreed a new role for LCC in agreeing the potential routes, performing a quality assessment of the key issues that the route design should take into account.

Koy Thomson, LCC chief executive said, "LCC is also asking for an interactive design process for the more difficult sections of the route, and a final route-quality assessment. We will not support or recommend unsafe or poor-quality highways."