Killer lorry driver who failed eye test fined just £200

Lorry and bike

photo A lorry driver who failed an eye test shortly after running over a cyclist escaped with only a £200 fine


While cycling through Notting Hill Gate, Eilidh Cairns, 30, was hit and fatally injured by a tipper truck.

The young TV producer was still conscious and able to talk to witnesses as she lay trapped under the 32-tonne HGV, but died hours later in hospital.

Lack of witness evidence meant the driver, Joao Lopes, was not prosecuted for the crash.

Months later, he was fined just £200 after admitting that he had failed his eye test and should have been wearing glasses.

Although initially revoked, his licence has been returned to him and he is now back behind the wheel.

Eilidh's sister Kate said, 'This shows the inadequacies in our justice system in dealing with the death of a cyclist - a fine and three points on his licence. We still don't know what happened and this leaves you with a sense of hopelessness.'

LCC has been running a high-profile campaign to reduce the danger caused by lethal lorries.

Eilidh Cairns' sister and friends have campaigned strongly for better lorries and worked with our partnership group including RoadPeace, Living Streets, CTC and Leigh Day & Co Solicitors.

HGVs are responsible for half of the cyclist deaths in London, and the numbers aren't falling.


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