Kingston Council uses your suggestions to install more on-street cycle parking


New bike racks have been installed on the streets of Kingston using information supplied by the London Cycling Campaign and our supporters.

Jonathan Fray from Kingston Cycling Campaign said, "Kingston Council has installed about 40 racks at various locations around the borough at locations handy for local shopping parades.

"We gave them the suggestions from our CycleParking4London website at one of our liaison meetings, while funding for the racks came from the local implementation plan (LIP)."

Our Cycle Parking 4 London campaign was launched in 2010 to increase awareness among TfL and council officers of the need for more cycle parking.

So far, over 2000 suggestions have been added, with information passed on to local councils.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Sadly, we don't always know when a stand has been installed in a location someone has suggested.

"We're working with councils to fill this feedback gap, so more people know their requests have been fulfilled, and to encourage more councils to make use of the data."

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