Kingston Cycling Campaign hands out free bike lights to local cyclists

Kingston Cycling Campaign got into the festive spirit early by handing out free bike lights to those in need.

On 18 November, the evening the town's Christmas lights were switched on, volunteers flagged down cyclists without lights in Old London Road, and offered to fit them for free.
In an hour and a half, 19 of the compact Sprint LD660 lights (visible at 400m) were fitted to bikes, with some needing a front, some a back, and some both lights.
Jon Fray of KCC said, “People we gave lights to said that their lights had broken or they hadn’t got around to getting lights. We hope that by providing lights we can help to make cycling safer.
“We thought that it might be difficult to get lads who ride BMX bikes to have lights on their bikes, but we were pleased that they could see that we weren’t telling them off and wanted to help.

"And we were pleased that the majority of cyclists already had bike lights and didn't need our help."

KCC raised money to buy the lights from running classroom maintenance sessions, and has support from Waldens Cycles of London Road, Kingston, who supplied the lights at a reduced cost.