KNOG Dry Dog bag, £99.99,


Easily the highest capacity pannier here, the 40-litre Dry Dog is also impressively lightweight. 
A 840-denier backlined fabric, roll-fold flap and heavy-duty fasteners keep your stuff dry as a bone. The Klickfix fixings are limpet-tight, but make sure you place the pannier carefully so your heel doesn’t hit it while spinning the cranks. Inside, the mesh magazine pouch and 17in laptop pocket are practical ways of organising the space. 

We do have a couple of minor quibbles though. The top flap is in three sections joined with high-viz piping, 
and one of these split after about a four weeks’ use. The shoulder strap is also a fairly complicated and heavy affair, so we didn’t tend to carry it. But these are small niggles in an otherwise impressive performer that’s big enough to swallow the kitchen sink. A 13in laptop pocket model is also available for £89.99.