home photo Credit: PL
A Lambeth Cyclists Architecture Ride (credit: PL)

Lambeth Cyclists are a friendly and sociable group that encourage people to cycle, improve conditions for cyclists, and raise the profile of cycling.

They do this by running rides and events throughout the year, working with Lambeth Council and local schools, as well as dealing with local media to publicise issues and events.

Visit the Lambeth Cyclists website and messageboard via the links on the right, or use the contact details below to get in touch.


  • General contact: Philip Loy
  • Telephone: 020 8677 8624 (please leave brief message with contact number)
  • Press/ media/ urgent calls: 07960 026450
  • Email: use form below

Quick links for common questions:

How can I improve my cycling, or learn to cycle, and be safe and confident on the road?

Do you run rides and when is your next one?

Do you run cycle maintenance classes?

When is your next meeting and where is it?

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