Lambeth Cyclists People

Route 3 in Lambeth. Credit: Philip Loy
Route 3 in Lambeth. (Photo: Philip Loy)

We have an elected committee, but many great ideas and projects come from a variety of people who are involved with us in varying degrees.

Lambeth Cyclists are fortunate in having had the benefit of all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. Postcard designs, running rides, organising events, or general campaigning. But we always need people as others move on so we'd like to hear from you!

We are grateful to the following people for their input:

Ché Sutherland for liaising on various projects, rides, and other events.

Clare Neely for being our liaison on highway consultations and general contact with Lambeth Council and Transport for London.

Janet Paske for setting up maintenance workshops, producing our postcard design, initiating the Architecture Rides, and lots more besides!

Luke Evans for producing our newsletter, writing news releases, and general communications.

Mark Knox for initiating the Architecture Rides and helping to plan and lead these and other rides.

Olivia Christophersen for looking after our bank account, and helping with grant applications.

Philip Loy for overall coordination.

Our gratitude also goes to these people for various things they have helped with along the way:
Anthony Gilmour, Christopher James, Ben Patrick, Bryn Lockwood, Ike Pentecost, Jeremy Hall, John Stewart, Jon Creighton, Mel Allwood, Stevie Russell, and Tessa Wright.

And where would be without those who made Lambeth Cyclists what it is today: Brycchan Carey, Colin Roberts, Fiona Gillison, Fiona Harvey, Gerard Stewart, Jack Green, Jo Pearson, John Sarsons, Kahya Engler, Matthew Thomson, Rebecca Gunning, Sarah Haspel, and Zehra Ludlow, to name but a few. Thanks!