Lambeth, Waterloo, Nine Elms go to consultation

Following the general election and end of “purdah” we’ve had three large, exciting infrastructure schemes go into public consultation:  Lambeth Bridge, Waterloo roundabout and Nine Elms Lane/Battesea Park Road. That’s on top of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and the Strategic Cycling Analysis.

We’re due to see several more big schemes soon. But in the meantime, for all three major new schemes (and the Transport Strategy) we’re asking your thoughts and opinions to feed into our consultation response. We’re aiming to provide a sample response covering our position that you can copy from shortly. But here’s our summary of the big three so far:

Lambeth Bridge

Two of the most hated and dangerous roundabouts in London are set to become signalised crossroads. Some hook risks do remain and there are concerns about all of the roads leading off both junctions, particularly Lambeth Palace Road, in terms of how they link to other schemes in the vicinity (or rather, how they don’t for cycling).

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Waterloo roundabout

Like with Old Street, Highbury and Elephant & Castle, the proposal is to close off one side of the roundabout – in this case the western side. This means segregated cycle tracks can be run all round the rest of what was the roundabout. However, again, it’s the main roads the roundabout connects to that aren’t so good. Particularly Waterloo Road which gets much-needed wider pavements, but no cycle facilities – and retains a hook risk from having to cross the bus lane going towards the stops.

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Nine Elms/Battersea Park Road

This corridor is one of the largest development and construction sites in London currently and is awash with both tipper trucks and cyclists. An interim safety scheme of limited value is due to be implemented this summer, but this more permanent proposal, mixing part-time bus lanes and cycle lanes with parking out of peak in, isn’t due to begin construction until 2020. And we think it’s woeful.

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